Mpumi’s Magic Beads’ first radio interview on Kaya FM

“A beautiful book and beautifully illustrated as well… It’s a book of high quality, beautiful production, beautiful layout, everything is so incredibly well done here,” remarks David O’Sullivan on Kaya FM’s “Breakfast with David” show this morning. I was really beaming inside at that point because it has taken so much time, consideration, effort and planning to bring Mpumi’s Magic Beads into the world and I am so glad that one can call it beautiful. Above, is a snippet of the conversation that we had earlier today.

Video and photograph taken by DJ Keyez

You can still pre-order your copies for delivery after 20 December 2017 and a big thank you to everyone who already has. If you’d love to hear the story live, as well as meet me and have me sign your copy, I will be hosted by Ethnikids at the Sandton Library on Saturday, 27 January 2018. Please bring all the children you know!


Thank you to DJ Keyez, David O’Sullivan and Kaya FMs Breakfast with David team for having me this morning.


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