“What’s Wrong With Groovin?” has come to an end on Kaya FM

I have learned with shock that last week’s episode of What’s Wrong with Groovin? – an episode I am especially proud to have narrated in homage to the South African icon, Jonas Gwangwa – was the last episode of our show to air. Remember how excited I was to join in October 2019? Sixty episodes and many Sunday afternoons later, it feels great to have concluded our offering on such a high note. It really has been an incredible journey through Africa and the diaspora; reading the beautiful work of poets, philosophers, historians, novelists, politicians and thinkers while listening to the very best sounds gifted to us by our beloved musicians! Far greater than the South African Radio Awards nomination we received last year, was all of the feedback we got from listeners who took their time to let us know how much our work moved them. I am so proud of this project that Mohau, Kagiso, EdSoul, Tha_Muzik, DJ Kenzhero and I dedicated ourselves to weekly. We used radio for its true purpose; we shaped, sharpened and challenged the minds of the people. Being part of Kaya FM’s Afropolitan chapter has been an honour. Thank you for lending us your ears.

Please see the statement from the originators of What’s Wrong with Groovin?, MNM below:

*Updated on 25 May 2021: Interesting to note, Colleen Louw and Terry Volkwyn, the interim Managing Directors of “Kaya Nine-Five-Nine” (they changed it from Kaya FM) are responsible for changing the station’s tagline from the formerly, iconic “the home of the Afropolitan”, which signals to a collective pan-African identity, to the current one: “on the street, on the air”. Among many other odd changes which include playlisting Billie Eilish on an African adult contemporary station, they are also responsible for the callous manner in which WWWG ended; the team discovered that the show had come to an end, by listening to Kaya FM and hearing something else entirely. What professionalism.


  1. I am so disappointed that the show came to an end. I used to enjoy the show so much that I could even just cry to the music and the stories you narrated. Nevertheless, I guess the listener research they claim to have done is unfortunate do not represent the majority of us who listened with passion of the love of the music you played. Keep up the good work wherever you are placed.


  2. Gutted! Utterly guttered to learn of both What is wrong with groovin’ and Sound supreme’s removal from Kaya programming! They were both a soothing balm for the soul, a healing we didn’t know we needed. Please continue this necessary work through both shows on other platforms/stations; we will listen no matter where you go! Siyabonga! Makwande🙏🏾


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