I review African children’s books!

I’m happy to share that I have joined the Global Literature in Libraries Initiative (GLLI ) as a reviewer of children’s books. According to their website, the GLLI aims “…to increase the visibility of international works in English translation so that more readers can enjoy the amazing diversity in these books and the perspectives they present”. Basically, the website is an excellent resource for librarians who are looking to offer a more diverse selection of books to their readers. Every Wednesday is #WorldKidLit Wednesday, which you can always check out on Twitter, so you can expect a review of a fantastic children’s book from us. I joined the organisation’s review team in February 2021 and it’s really important for me to use this journey to increase the representation of African books on their website. What would help me immensely with this goal is for me to be able to access newly published books from the continent. The only two considerations is that the books have to be amazing (obviously) and available for a global audience to purchase. So, if you know any publishers or authors of African children’s books, let them know about this important initiative and get them in contact with me so we can start a conversation on how we can expand the audience for their work through my once-a-month reviews! We all have to do our bit to ensure that our books reach as many people as possible and that we also are able to access great books from other wonderful places in the world like the Carribean and Asia. This is me doing my bit. Look out for my reviews every last #WorldKidLit Wednesday of the month. The whole site is full of book information for young and old from all around the globe. Make sure you have a look!

Books that I have reviewed so far:

(I’m going to update this list past the post date.)


Thank you, Karen, for inviting me to join the team!


  1. We are so delighted to have you celebrating fantastic books with us at Global Literature in Libraries Initiative! Here’s to all our future discoveries!

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