Time of The Writer 2023

I call it Kwazulu-Natal’s best literary festival because it is. The theme for this year’s Time of the Writer Festival is “Placemaking: Influence, Roots, Expression, Imagination” at the Centre for Creative Arts and that gives me warm feelings because it’s been seven years since I was down there for Poetry Africa where I had one of my best poetry performances, ever. The line-up is always amazing and I love how it’s curated to offer something for everyone, including online sessions and writing workshops. The line-up is available: here. The full programme is available: here. Since my thesis turned book, The Soft Life: Love, choice and modern dating recently came out, I will be on the “The South African contemporary dating scene” panel with Dudu Busani Dube, Thobile Shange with moderation by Sue Nyathi. This is going to be great because my co-panellists are fiction writers whereas I write ethnography. I love talking about romance, love, dating from the perspective of the political economy of love and it’s going to be fun to explore these topics from the different perspectives that we all represent. Here’s the panel description:

Never has it been easier to drop a DM, swipe to the right or sign up for a dating website. But what are the realities of the dating battlefield in 2023? Are there any modern dating rules? How toxic is it really? These expert authors, who all released books about dating, share a female perspective on how to navigate the modern dating scene.

It’s live and in-person on Sunday, 19 March at 19:00 at Alliance Française so if you’re in Durban, please join us. Get your tickets: here.


Thank you, Time of the Writer!

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