Copywriting Portfolio

Writing is my life. My love for words and stories has led me to an illustrious career as a dedicated freelance practitioner in the South African creative and media industry. For the past eleven years, I have pursued academia and my own artistic calling with unrelenting fervour producing a dissertation, poetry, multiple children’s books, conference papers, non-fiction book chapters, advertising copy, voice-overs and my latest addition, my debut non-fiction book. The awards, achievements and recognition that I have earned have only encouraged me to continue to pursue excellence and find new and beautiful ways of telling stories, documenting the times and ensuring that our collective brilliance is archived for posterity. Now, as I begin to finalise the journey towards my PhD, I am looking to the horizons for something fresh and exciting. I believe that my next chapter is leading me into the collegial world of advertising. Below are some of the highlights of my career. If you would like me to write your next best thing, get in touch here:

Photographed by Masego Morulane.


Ten Thousand Stories (2020)

The brief: Write and perform ‘Ten Thousand Stories’, a poem for MultiChoice’s Africa’s Most Loved Storyteller campaign. We won two Promax Awards. Here are the video, text and press release.


Origins (2022)

The brief: Write the #MCGOrigins website copy including the creator profiles for Zikhona Valela, Sanaa Mothabisa, Tony Gum, Mandisi Dyantis & Manthe Ribane.


A Purposeful Journey (2021)

The brief: Write and perform a commemorative poem to mark the centenary of the South African Reserve Bank reflecting on its history, legacy and purpose in the lives of South Africans. Here are the video and the text.


Sanlam Leadership Conference (2022)

The brief: Write and perform a poem to capture Sanlam’s pan-African position, vision and relationship with the people of the African continent. Here is the text.


Cadbury Dairy Milk’s In Our Own Words (2021)

The brief: Write a festive children’s story about generosity for Cadbury Dairy Milk’s literacy campaign. Here is the e-book.


Here’s to Us! (2022)

The brief: Write and voice a poem to celebrate MultiChoice Talent Factory’s class of 2022. Here are the video and text.


African Champions Unite (2022)

The brief: Write and perform a poem for the Sanlam Cape Town Marathon’s effort to qualify as an Abbott World Marathon Majors race. Here is the text.


Freedom Matters (2019)

The brief: Write and perform a poem for Metropolitan that celebrates the beauty and diversity of South Africa’s land and people on Freedom Day. Here are the video and text.


Endurance (2016)

The brief: Write a short poem for a Hip Hop song about resilience and staying determined in the face of life’s challenges. Here are the video and text.


The Soft Life (2022)

My Master’s degree research in Social Anthropology was recently commissioned into a non-fiction book by Tafelberg, NB Publishers. It’s available in bookstores nationwide.


Mpumi’s Magic Beads (2017/8)

My first children’s book was awarded the South African Literary Award for Children’s Literature (2019), the Exclusive Books IBBY (International Board for Books on Young People) SA Award for Best Writer and a gold Pendoring Advertising Award in the Publication Design – Whole Design category (2020). I have authored and co-authored multiple children’s books since then for the public as well as a collaboration with a brand.