I love my work.

NalibaliSandton (5 of 55)
Sandton, South Africa – February 1, 2019: Nal’ibali, a South African reading initiative attempts to break their previously set World Record, by reaching 1.5 Million children on World Read Aloud Day. Children from across South Africa took part in various events in schools and libraries. The main event, saw hundreds of children reading with author and activist, Lebohang Masango, who gave a multilingual reading at the Sandton Library in Johannesburg, South Africa. Picture: DANIEL BORN for NAL’IBALI

This past Friday, 1 February 2019, I had the honour of performing the best part of my duty as Nali’Bali’s World Read Aloud Day ambassador. I read to 200 children at the Sandton Library – I think that’s my biggest group yet! It was also my first time reading in isiZulu in public and I let the audience know. I shared with them that even though this is my first time, I am going to try my very best and that is how we all get better at reading and learning – it is always important to try. And so I tried and I did well and we were all in the moment together, reading and playing and clapping and laughing. Honestly, I am grateful for each and every opportunity to do this work. I love that even when I am nervous, it all melts away as I get into the telling of the story and together with the children, we all reflect and imagine and dream and learn something new. Here is an eNCA interview I had about the importance of reading aloud:

NalibaliSandton (14 of 55)
Photographed by Daniel Born


Thank you to the Nali’Bali team, what an honour and pleasure to work with you all!

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