Second Runner-Up in one of Daily Maverick’s Person of the Year 2021 categories

The Youth Champion of the Year to be exact. Imagine, a whole second runner-up in this big country of ours where many young people are hard at work trying to make their communities better? This was unexpected and wonderful! I only found out about the call for nominations and “The Person of the Year” search when the journalist who wrote the story, Tamsin Metelerkamp, contacted me to interview me for the story. That’s when I frantically Googled all I could about it and sadly discovered that nominations were closed but I had managed to place even though I wasn’t able to spread the word and drum up support in time. I guess that makes it even cooler? Yes! Also, it’s an honour to share the space with Pearl Pillay, recently appointed by the National Youth Development Agency (NYDA) and Shudufadzo Musida, former Miss South Africa and author of the pretty book I gifted to my friend’s daughter for her birthday: Shudu Finds her Magic! Young women rising to the occassion, I love it! Read all about it here.


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