Get my new book with every Wimpy kids’ combo meal!

As a child, story time always consisted of my mother and I reading books together. At some special moments when she would need to keep me calm and entertained (usually necessitated by a Saturday thunderstorm), she would tell a story from memory. Nanana Boselesele was one such story.

I won’t tell you too much about it because I recently had the opportunity to collaborate with Ethnikids, an incredible online children’s book store and Wimpy, the beloved fast food restaurant and my favourite spot for an airport meal. The aim was to revisit a classic South African folk tale and present it to today’s children. I enjoy writing about the city so I updated my favourite to include an urban setting. As a child, I always loved getting a free toy with my burger and cold drink so it’s really exciting to know that Wimpy has put a fresh twist on that by ensuring that South African children get books instead. It’s such a joy to collaborate with brands and organisations that put children’s wellbeing and literacy at the heart of their work. Please visit your nearest Wimpy and get a copy of my book, Nanana Boselesele, illustrated by Subi Bosa with the kids’ combo meal. Collect all 6 story books to make a cool puzzle with the back covers. Read more about Wimpy’s ‘Our Stories, Your language’ campaign here.

Below is a video of me reading Nanana Boselesele for Wimpy. I hope you enjoy the story with the little readers in your life.


Thank you for this amazing initiative, Ethnikids and Wimpy!

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