New magazine feature

Image by Joy, from Twitter.

Read about me in the latest edition of Blaque Life Quarterly. The magazine is available from Exclusive Books.


Thank you, Lebo Motswatswa

I’m in June’s edition of Destiny Magazine! 

Thank you to my person for the flowers ♡

In this month’s edition of Destiny Magazine, you can peruse a selection of stunning statement fashion accessories for Autumn/Winter 2017 (including the most gorgeous golden Dolce & Gabbana earrings that I have ever!) alongside the elaborate art work on my beautiful, lithe brown body.

Representation truly means a lot to me. It is always a big deal when a mainstream brand like Destiny Magazine (or Jet Store) ask me to swap my perenially stressed Anthropologist life for a few hours of modelling and fun. I’m grateful  that I get to showcase my body modifications on a national platform and challenge people’s archaic stereotypes. There are still so many misconceptions about tattoos in this country, especially when black women have them, and I am glad to be able to do my part to normalise these beautiful additions to our skin. I want us to all be able to really enjoy our agency free from harrassment and patriarchy’s fury that we dare to do what we want with our bodies. I would like for it to be crystal clear that we are neither promiscuous nor deviant – what we are, is cute as hell. Okay?!


Your local Heavily Tattooed Brown Babe™

P.S – It’s the one with Bonang on the cover.

* * *

Thank you, Mpumi Sinxoto and the Destiny Magazine team!